I'm Lauren, 22.
I watch a digusting amount of television.
All seen amuses me or makes me shiver with feels, mainly being Supernatural. But expect healthy servings of Buffyverse, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black,Sleepy Hollow, and Vampire Diaires among other series.
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Teen Wolf Meme + Five Werewolves [3/5]; Vernon Boyd
"You know what? I just want to not eat lunch alone every day."
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sorry I wasn’t ignoring you I was just watching 7 seasons and 32 episodes of this new show I found

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Throwback Thursday 21/11/13

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"Look, I’ve gotta get to football."

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That point to the camera

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getting to know me meme: my favorite female character (2/5)

"let’s focus on that word, "hypocrisy." here’s an example. how girls are held to an impossible sexual standard. how a girl can be called a slut while a guy is applauded for his conquests. and when she wants to seem strong through name-calling, she’s a bitch. and it’s not just the guys who are saying this, ladies. but it’s important to call out such hypocrisy. because we’re not actually gods and goddesses. we’re humans who make mistakes.

—rebecca logan, greek


teen wolf + everyone is a lady; inspired by (x)

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fucking buffy look at her furrowed brows like she cant braid hair and theres fucking xander not even fucking looking at the hair — just whippin out french braids like it aint nothin what the frick this show man seriously

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Model Mondays presents Meagan Tandy

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I feel you.

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Requested by afterthebattle

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i don’t want people to misjudge this as ~fandom drama~ because it’s not. if you think daryl dixon of the walking dead cannot be gay despite the creator of the show basically confirming that he is, you are a homophobe. if you think daryl being gay is a ‘waste of a man’, you are a homophobe. if you think daryl being gay is impossible because of his character, you are a homophobe and a fucking idiot

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