I'm Lauren, 22.
I watch a digusting amount of television.
All seen amuses me or makes me shiver with feels, mainly being Supernatural. But expect healthy servings of Buffyverse, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black,Sleepy Hollow, and Vampire Diaires among other series.
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Braeden casually objectifying the Hales

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Pushing Daisies + Ned and Chuck making it work (requested by wyndamwesley)

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wandering far
d i s a p p e a r i n g

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B t V S: Everybody Lives AU

Ten years have passed since Spike closed the Hellmouth and the Powers granted Buffy the lives of her loved ones.

Kendra uses her impressive administrative skills to run the Slayer school that she and Buffy established in the Roman sewers. Willow and Tara keep themselves separate from the chaos of the school, sharing a flat above their magic shop where they entertain some of the most talented witches of the age. Joyce has become one of the premiere experts on demon artifacts in the world. She splits her time between a refurbished villa and the rebuilt Watcher’s council in Scotland, where Giles juggles leading the council and instructing Watchers-in-training. Despite maintaining a long-distance relationship with Kendra, Dawn has been head of the class since day one. Anya works as an investigative journalist for the Roman tabloids; unsurprisingly, she’s the best in the business, and the job keeps her abreast of developments in the demon underworld. When he isn’t providing live-in maintenance for the Slayer school, Xander manages his own historic preservation company, lending his expertise in crisis management to firms all over the world. He and Anya never got back together after her resurrection, but they are still friends; Xander married one of her half-demon cousins, and Anya crashes on their couch more often than she makes it home.

Spike was missing for a year after Sunnydale. Buffy told herself that the PTB’s reward must not have extended to vampires, even vampires that saved the world; she was in bed with the Immortal when Spike knocked on her door. After sending the Immortal home, she invited Spike in, beat him up, and made love with him for hours. Semi-retired and pregnant by the donation of one of his distant descendants, Buffy lives with Spike in a cozy cottage on the edge of the city. They have a litter of kittens that followed Spike home and refused to leave, a white picket fence, and an armada of replacement beds ready in the basement. 

When Buffy’s back hurts after long nights of slaying and moon-lit sex in the Colosseum, she and Spike crawl into bed; he rubs her shoulders while she dozes, Passions playing in the background. When he’s called away for a week to help Angel in LA, she takes notes on every episode so she can catch him up when he comes back.

She doesn’t say the words very often, but it doesn’t matter. He’s believed her for a long time.

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Ask me about my OC


  1. Draw your OC!
  2. Most prominent features?
  3. Your very first OC?
  4. Your favourite OC?
  5. Your least favourite?
  6. How about where they live?
  7. Do they have a pet?
  8. How about their hobby?
  9. A weird quirk?
  10. A talent?
  11. Draw your OC with a silly face!
  12. Draw your OC with their friends!
  13. Backstory to one of your characters!
  14. Scars?
  15. Is your OC neat or messy?
  16. Favourite food?
  17. Goals or ambition
  18. Pick a random fact!
  19. OCTP?
  20. Does your OC have a motto?
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I love it when you call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing

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ok no one did the other one so let’s do this instead


1.) Give me a pairing.
2.) Give me an AU setting.
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.


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twister & shout

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twister & shout

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Buffy Summers + being a precious lil dummy 


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The Walking Dead Meme → 8 Scenes [2/8]

  Rick finds his family

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Mama McCall and her family boys

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Rachel thinks she’s amazing at prank calls

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